Spring Software is offering world-class, unique solutions for highly effective database performance optimization of Oracle® and Microsoft™ SQL Server® databases. Offered solutions allow for very precise monitoring of the database performance and locating bottlenecks, which should be optimized. Besides our advanced monitoring software, we offer comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized services geared towards database optimization of Oracle® and Microsoft™ SQL Server® databases. DBPLUS Performance Monitor software allows for very detailed analysis of bottlenecks in your database, detecting causes of performance problems with intuitive, easy to use interface. DBPLUS Data Replicator software is completely new, innovative tool, which allows to replicate data on-line between databases without significant additional load to the source database. Offered DBPlus software and their professional services portfolio has been developed based on 15 years of experience of database performance and troubleshooting experts. DBPlus has many reference projects and service contracts with various midsize and enterprise customers, that confirm the high quality of our solutions and professional services. We invite you to contact us and get to know our new offer "No success - no fee !", more technical information http://dbplus.tech/en


Performance on demand

Performance on Demand is the most popular service in our portfolio. This service is delivered by optimizing the performance of Oracle / MSSQL database to the level agreed with the Client. What are benefits for your business ? In both short and long perspective using this service can bring substantial financial benefits. After database optimization it can require much less resources than previously to run on performance level defined by your business needs.

Performance management

This is an offer geared towards Clients requiring an all-round support. These are most often Clients undergoing dynamic development of their business, where new software functionalities are implemented very often and can cause performance issues. Within the frames of this service we take over the responsibility for the database performance level in an agreed period for which we sign an agreement with the Client.

No success - no fee !

We guarantee that the databases and systems will work on agreed performance level over the duration of the contract. Otherwise, our charge for the service will be zero !

Database Diagnostics

Quite often performance problems occur over longer period of time in unpredictable intervals. We can diagnose Client's database with our diagnostic tool over longer period of time than free 30 days trial of our software. The result of such service is detailed report pointing out all bottlenecks during set period of time with their root causes.

Support for database migrations

Database version upgrades are inevitable in the system life cycle because of constant applications development and hardware upgrades. Very often companies are avoiding upgrade of the database to higher version as long as possible, as it can be a nightmare in terms of complexity and negative impact to performance. We know how to handle migrations with 100% guarantee that no performance will be lost on a new version.

Capacity & resource planning

It's very important to plan necessary hardware performance, data retention & backups according to the requirements which are coming from the expected growth of the database and how extensively it will be used. We help Clients to plan all of that with the best performance of the database in mind, while at the same time minimizing


DBPLUS Performance Monitor

DBPLUS Performance Monitor

World-class database monitoring and optimization tool

Low CPU's occupancy: DBPlus Performance Monitor causes no noticeable load for CPU. Other tools for database performance measurement generate issues regarding high occupancy of the database server CPU by collecting relevant information – it takes even up to 4 CPU. SQL monitoring broken down to 15-minute time periods: our software gather statistics in 15 minutes intervals, and one pass lasts between 5 and 30 sec. to complete. This ensures minimal (not noticeable) load for the database so Monitor can be used even with the most busy databases without any negative impact on their performance. Moreover our architecture is designed in such a way that the Monitor can be used by 1, 10 or 100 people without any influence to database performance. Getting to the core of the problem: DBPLUS Performance Monitor gather very detailed information and point out exactly which SQL statements cause problems in the database. It stores their performance history and thanks to that it is possible to quickly find inefficiencies and solve them one by one without changing general parameters of the database. This is crucial as it always gives performance increase in contrast to changing global parameters of the database which can result in speeding up some queries while slowing down the others with overall negative impact on database performance. Intuitive interface: our software has extremely easy to use interface, even for users less familiar with database performance tuning. Regular updates: to guarantee users the highest quality, our software is constantly developing, as a result we issue minimum of 4 new updates for DBPLUS Performance Monitor a year. We have put below on-line live demo of our software, so you can click through the application and familiarize yourself with its features and interface. You can also order free trial of our tool and check it thoroughly in your own IT environment. Moreover when you order free trial we will give you also our free of charge “Performance audit” service - at the end of trial you will get report showing all bottlenecks in the database which should be optimized. CHECK OUT OUR LIVE DEMO !

DBPLUS Data Replicator

DBPLUS Data Replicator

Completely new, innovative tool, which allow to replicate data on-line between databases without significant additional load to the source database.

Data Replicator is the best choice for following solutions: data migrations and upgrades, decision support systems and data warehouses, integration and consolidation of data, any data distribution. Sharing data between different databases and applications can be very complex and have a negative impact on system performance, and thus on the financial results of the company. In addition, if you cannot analyze the minute-to-date data located in different systems you lose the business opportunities offered today by advanced Business Intelligence (BI). DBPLUS Data Replicator™ for Oracle® is versatile and reliable software for data replication between Oracle® databases. It gives real-time access to copies of production data with zero impact on the availability and performance of the systems which are the source of the data. This tool has an extremely wide range of applications. Database migrations and upgrades: by using real-time replication, migration or upgrading the version of the database can become much faster and much more secure. Firstly, replication of real-time data to the target database allows you to migrate with virtually no downtime, because at some point the application can be very quickly switched to a new database which already contains the current data. Very often when designing this type of operation, there is a plan to return to the previous database if you encounter problems. Unfortunately, these plans usually cover no more than the first few minutes of work on the application, but when the new database includes several hours of data, a return to work on the old database is not possible. The solution to this problem is to replicate the real-time data entered into the new database to the old base as well. If you encounter problems with the new database, switching the application to the old database can be done in a matter of seconds in a manner transparent to the user.




Spring Software was founded in 2013 in Poland with the mission of creating and delivering cutting-edge Value Added Services based on innovative technologies in the constantly changing world. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor providing meaningful Information Management solutions and services that really impacts customers business environment. Our office in the Netherlands allows us to respond quickly to your request.


We are really unique team of IT experts who work on various international projects. We have a wealth of experience for highly effective database performance optimization of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases and sophisticated locating bottlenecks, which should be optimized.

Besides our advanced performance optimization services we offer comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized services / technological skills in PHP, Microsoft .NET and JAVA and Front-End, through web and mobile application technology as well as with cross-platform data integration (ETL), DWH or Business Intelligence implementation. As a result, our clients benefit not only from technological support, but also added value in the form of business process optimization at their companies.


At Spring Software, we continuously evaluate and access new technologies, looking for the best of breed and most innovative platforms, tools, and instruments to help our Client succeed. We have set up partnerships and alliances with some of the best specialized software vendors and service teams in IT industry and we continue to expand our business ecosystem. Our team is a group of highly skilled and experienced consultants that have been working for corporate clients from various industries such as: banking, insurance, telecommunication, FMCG, energy and public services.


We have the practice projects experience needed to bring different IT projects to life on time and on budget while ensuring high quality. We deliver full scope of projects starting from analysis and prototyping, through development and integration, testing, up to 24/7 solution support.


When you have a plan, but you lack the people to carry it out. No matter if you are at the very beginning of your startup project or planning to scale up, we offer consultation at every stage of development. Spring Software is a software development and information technology outsourcing company, which specializes in nearshore software development services for European Customers seeking long-term partnerships. We provide IT Outsourcing Services that allow our clients to cooperate with a carefully selected group of IT and engineering specialists without incurring the fixed costs of personnel and changing the structure of their own companies. Thanks to the process of employee due diligence Spring Software ensures their suitability for all projects, on both the domestic and foreign markets, which are carefully matched with the skill set and aspirations of our Clients, to guarantee their satisfaction.


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DBPlus company - for over 10 years they've been working with leaders of the most challenging industries
Inter Cars, the biggest auto parts distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, the European market for 5th and 10th in the world. DBPLUS performed optimization of our databases in a very professional way. Thanks to this optimization we've achieved significant improvement in efficiency of our business processes - Robert Kucharczyk, CIO InterCars

Inter Cars S.A.

After some months of testing of DBPLUS Performance Monitor™ software, Italy based international group of banks, UniCredit group decided to purchase our software as their global solution for monitoring Oracle® and Microsoft™ SQL Server® databases for the entire group.

UniCredit Group bank

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile networks in Poland providing a range of telecommunication services to individual and business customers. It offers both mobile and fixed-line telephony and Internet access in pre-paid, post-paid and mix systems.


PKN Orlen is a major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer. The company is a significant European publicly traded firm with major operations in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Baltic States. In 2009, it was ranked in the Fortune Global 500 as the world's 31st largest oil company and the world's 249th largest company overall, It currently (2016) ranks 454, with a revenue of over US$33.8 billion.

PKN Orlen

PGNiG SA is the leader in the Polish natural gas market. It is a listed company operating in exploration for and production of natural gas and crude oil. Through its key companies, PGNiG is also active in the area of import, storage, sale and distribution of gas and liquid fuels. PGNiG TERMIKA is the largest Polish producer of heat and electricity in co generation.

PGNiG Termika

The one of Europe's biggest retailers of electricity and heat and one of the largest producers of electricity and heat. Vattenfall's main markets are Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Sweden.


The one of the four largest power groups in Poland. The core business entails distribution, generation and sales of electricity and heat. The one of the three largest electricity suppliers in Poland. Energa supply electricity to more than 2.9 million retail and business clients, and operate more than 184 thousand km of power lines for the transmission of 21.5 TWh of electricity annually.


DBPLUS vast knowledge and use of DBPLUS Performance Monitor allowed us to optimize the performance of our database, which directly translated into a significant improvement of business processes in all our companies. Particularly noteworthy is the logistics process. Despite several times larger number of warehouse operations we could perform all the operations by almost the same number of employees. One can imagine annual savings from such optimization. Also, thanks to the DBPLUS company and proposed changes we could migrate databases to x86 architecture and give up the very costly to maintain IA64 servers, which allowed to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. - Paweł Kalinowski, IT Director, Redan S.A. Group

Redan S.A. Group


Please feel free to contact us, if you need more details regarding our services and software